MatrixWorks is a new way to work with Group Dynamics that is fresh, effective and powerful. It will stimulate your creativity and will give you tools to make your teams successful.
— Claudia Kotchka, Retired Exec. VP Design, P&G
MatrixWorks makes the principles of Living Systems actually come alive in Teams so they function in totally new ways and bring forward new possibilities.
— Ivy Ross, Senior Creative and Design Officer, Art.com
MatrixWorks provides the tools, processes, and principles we use to help Clay St. Teams do in 3 months what it normally takes a team 1 1/2 yrs to do.
— Dave Kuehler, Retired Directer of Clay St. at P&G
MatrixWorks provides a great foundation for teams to build a strong group dynamic and discover the collective intelligence at the team’s core. Of all the assets that corporations have, people are the most important. In this era when competitive advantage is predicated on the effectiveness of people and the teams within which they work, Matrixworks provides an important vehicle for teams to realize their connectedness and the potential of their collective intelligence.
— Steve Damico, Director, Corporate Design Procter & Gamble
MatrixWorks delivered benefits to our Consumer Insight Program beyond our wildest expectations.
— M.S., Director Consumer Insights, Gen. Mills
We want and need MatrixWorks in GE’s Healthymaginations.
— R. S., GE Design
My daily clinic leadership is always so enhanced by the clarity and confidence I gain in MatrixWorks trainings. I stay in my job because I love the challenge of becoming a more conscious and compassionate leader and Matrixworks joyfully moves me in that direction.
— Amy, Clinic Director, Boulder, CO
The MatrixWorks Leadership program did what I hope all training will do – it shifted my perspective. Leadership is, first and foremost, an inside job, and not so much techniques to be applied to a group. I value this insight, and further opening I experienced in this group.
— L.E. Atlanta Ga. Somatic Educator, Practitioner and Organizational Leader
MatrixWorks is the best Leadership Training i have ever taken! It uniquely and pointedly strengthens the basic goodness of each participant, so that leadership skills rest in trustworthy relational ground. From this place of trust, amazing work seems normal and natural.
— K P, Clinical Supervisor, Nonprofit, Boulder, CO
I loved MatrixWorks and I love you! It improved my capacity to give love, to receive love, and to feel more clearly the purpose of my life. Thanks for all. Much love, Mariangela.
— Owner, President of Mundivisas of Brazil