A good leader is one, who by their presence, brings forth the BEST in others, and that BEST is maintained in the absence of the leader.

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Creating the Best Workplace on Earth

Harvard Business Review (May issue, reprint R1305H by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones)

This article is of particular interest to MatrixWorks since working in the Business world is a major focus for us. As part of a research study exploring the relationship between Authenticity and Effective Leadership, the authors interviewed over 300 Executives and distilled their research into “6 VIRTUES of A DREAM COMPANY”.

A dream company is one where:

  • You can be yourself.

  • You’re told what’s really going on.

  • Your strengths are magnified.

  • The company stands for something meaningful.

  • Your daily work is rewarding.

  • Stupid rules don’t exist.

The article also describes how to use these 6 Virtues as a diagnostic tool with businesses. While these ‘Virtues’ may seem obvious, the fact that they represent the wisdom of over 300 Executives speaks to their universal appeal. MatrixWorks has had the opportunity to use this model in several businesses with remarkable success.

A simple test to evaluate your workplace:

  1. Write each of these 6 Virtues on a sheet of paper.

  2. Use a scale underneath each one, numbering 1-5, with 1 being the least and 5 representing the most.

  3. Reflect on the scores you have assigned to each one.

  4. For any score of 3 or less, be curious why you think this is so.

  5. What is one action that could raise these lower scores to at least a 4, if not a 5?

  6. For any scores marked at 1, what meaning do you make of this? How will you intervene to help your business/workplace move in the direction of a ‘dream workplace’?

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Book Recommendations

Insiders’ Secrets to a Great Relationship!
16 Leading Relationship Experts Show you Proven Methods To End Your Relationship Problems and Enjoy the Love, Affection and Long-Lasting Relationship You’ve Always Wanted. Mukara is one of these experts. You can download a free copy of the book by clicking on the title above. Check it out!

Living in The Power Zone
Cedar Barstow and Ren Feldman’s new book: Living in The Power Zone. Cedar is an Hakomi Trainer and colleague of Mukara’s. The book is an excellent resource, helpful to anyone who works with people, groups, teams and organizations. Contact her at