A good leader is one, who by their presence, brings forth the BEST in others, and that BEST is maintained in the absence of the leader.

MatrixWorks Corporate is a Living Systems Model that uses the science of connection and creativity to cultivate effective and empathetic work environments that:

  • Ensure employee satisfaction and decrease staff turnover

  • Support market-place success by unleashing the human potential of employees

  • Inspire the development of 21st century leaders


We work with cross-functional teams, mid-level and executive leaders to establish the conditions necessary for all employees to bring forth their gifts and strengths. The most significant factor in creating high-performing teams and organizations is Psychological Safety as established by Harvard Business Review research. Through our experiential labs and exercises we build organizational trust, manage successful relationships and cultivate emotional resilience. Our approach re-awakens dynamic participation and empathy in participants while simultaneously addressing the need for safety and for clarity about work roles, responsibilities and accountability. This dual focus on safety for people and clarity about work is what allows MatrixWorks Corporate to deliver unequaled results in the areas of collaboration, innovation and human potential.

Conflict Resolution

MatrixWorks Corporate teaches specific and practical approaches for dealing with chaos, conflict, confrontation and control. All of which results in an increased effectiveness and heightened capacity for dealing with the challenges of modern organizational life.

Leadership Coaching

Matrixworks Corporate also has a team of Matrixworks Coaches, trained in the application of Matrixworks principles for one-to-one and team relationships.

Contact Us if you want to:

  • Develop your employee’s skills of agility, resilience and social intelligence.

  • Establish breakthrough teams that develop new products, processes, business models.

  • Know the value of interdependent teams and need guidance in how to ignite the spark of collective intelligence in your organization.

  • Work differently and need to have a conversation with us to determine if Matrixworks Corporate is a fit for you and your organization.