3 powerful questions for our time

  1. How can your organization function with more simplicity and measurable effectiveness?

  2. What are repeatable processes that can be used in times of challenge and transition to create cultures of well-being at work?

  3. How can your organizations create breakthrough teams that energize and ignite the creativity of all members?

Social Innovation Technology

MatrixWorks is a living systems model of change and transformation that supports groups, teams and organizations to access their hidden potential for health, agility, connection and creativity. The proven principles, processes and practices of MatrixWorks Corporate help cross-functional teams become so connected to each other and their purpose that creativity happens with breath-taking speed and brilliance. By focusing on the relationships between team members, strengthening trust and teaching unique ways to deal with conflicts and chaos, the team becomes a’ living body’, or Living System, capable of accessing collective intelligence and accomplishing its task to bringing forth products, ideas, and new brands that are right for the current marketplace.

Of equal importance, the team members are changed as human beings through this experience. They have brought more of themselves to the table. They want creativity to be apart of all work experiences because they know it is possible. The result is a more creative company where accomplishment, inspiration, innovation as well as nourishment and satisfaction are normal.

Who We Serve

Since 1999 MatrixWorks Corporate has supported the design, human resources and marketing teams of its corporate and non-profit clients toward igniting their creativity and collaborative potential in times of significant change. It is proving to be very useful for sales and marketing teams as well as in family owned and operated businesses.


General Mills
Procter & Gamble
Mayo Clinic
Seventh Generation


PUSH Institute
Hakomi Institute
Rolf Institute
Shambhala Institute
Biodynamic Institute
Naropa University

MatrixWorks was used extensively in the Creativity and Innovation Initiative at Mattel Toy’s Platypus Project and, currently in Procter and Gamble’s Creative Clay Street Project. It is also being used to support the implementation of GAP/Old Navy’s Growth and Greatness Initiative.


Mukara Meredith, MSW, is Founder and President of Matrixworks Corporate, LLC. and has 30 years experience teaching, consulting and working in the field of human potential. A certified Hakomi Trainer and Therapist, she has developed a new model of Leadership called MatrixWorks. She is supported by professional associates, Sam Delmore, OntheBrink, LLC and Susan Burks, BurksConsulting, LLC.

Mukara teaches Matrixworks at Naropa University and brings this model into the business world to engender a more connected and creative world. Mukara is devoted to the practical application of world wisdom traditions and believes that the ‘value and purpose of life is to live a life of purpose’.

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