Living Systems Academy

A nonprofit 501(c)(3), joint-venture with MatrixWorks

We are spreading love with the MATRIXWORKS™ Model to underserved communities and organizations!

True sustainability begins with the human element. In the hopes of creating a world that works for all and spreading this transformational work to many, MatrixWorks has created this nonprofit entity, in order to house a school and help our community create happier, healthier, and thus more sustainable human environments.

Within an educational program, we are training facilitators and educators to bring the MatrixWorks model into organizations at a subsidized rate.

This fellowship model provides a chance for business, education, health care and therapy systems to be impacted and exposed to the work, while offering our students an opportunity to practice their new skills.

 Partner with us! Let us know if your organization wants to be a part of our Living Systems Academy program and bring the MatrixWorks model to your groups