Yoga for health

Francisco Kaiut has been developing his therapeutic yoga approach to healing the body for the last 20 years. Never intending to teach, he met his wife, Luciana Ross, 14 years ago and it was she who pleaded with him for several years to offer what he knew to the world. Only because of her, was YogaStudioBrasil born, and together they teach 1,000 people per day in Brazil. She tells the story of being in a neck brace for many months before working with Francisco– having hip difficulties and other disabling conditions. Now she is the perfect picture of radiant health.Many people find their way to these teachers when all other healing has failed. When I met them in early 2011, I was suffering from a knee injury. Having had 80% of lateral meniscus of the left knee removed because of an accident, knee replacement was the Dr.’s recommendation to me.
Francisco and Luciana were straightforward with me: “you may have to have the surgery (which I did) but then we can help you get your mobility back” (which they have). A week with them has been more useful than months of even really good rehabilitation treatments.

I plan to work with them 2 to 3 times per year for the next few years. They make me feel like I can live to be 324 years old!  They have requested and I have agreed to help their work become known in the States– so expect to see more about them in Matrixworks communication.  If you or anyone you know has a serious and difficult-to-solve health problem, I highly, highly recommend them.  Please be in touch with me if you want to reach them and I will publish the dates they will return to Boulder, CO.

You can also check out more about Francisco and Luciana at their website: