When Sleeping Women Wake


As Spring bursts forth and new life surges within us, some of us might be feeling: The impulse to explore new paths. . . New possibilities. . . Even a new relationship to power! Many are feeling this both individually and collectively. As an organization, MatrixWorks feels poised on this precipice of new possibilities, too.As we diversify by working in the USA, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and soon in Canada, we search for a unifying principle that will allow MatrixWorks to maintain its identity and evolve to meet the needs of the world in these times. We feel strongly that the curriculum of the Enlightened Feminine Leadership class helps us accomplish this purpose.

We are bringing groups of powerful women leaders together to experience, embody and express their Uniqueness and Interconnectedness. We have seen this class be a catalyst for personal and community transformation that is deeply satisfying and leads to effective action in the world.

As the quote above indicates: Mountains will be moved when women awaken.

Please consider being a part of this motion, adding your intention and attention to a new possibility for yourself and for the world.


Enlightened Feminine Leadership Class

Boulder, Colorado

April 18-21, 2013

At JoyInMotion Studio
(4800 Baseline Road,Suite D206, Boulder, Colorado)

When I participate in MatrixWorks, I can’t help but fall in love.
— Lisa Rome, Patterns of Relationship class, Boulder, 2013