Tips for cultivating Genius in your groups

“What’s underneath?”
Deeper needs, fears, dreams, longings

‘Hot spots’ in group life often have a hidden aspect that relates to a deeper need, fear, dream or longing we may not be conscious of. Bringing these to consciousness helps us self-regulate our own ‘internal squeezes’ and be more transparent with others we work with. The following list of ‘possible’ deeper motivations is meant to help you in your journey of self-discovery and relationship capacity.

  • to feel Productive

  • to feel Respected

  • to feel Safe and Supported

  • to feel like I am Growing

  • to feel like I am serving a Noble Purpose

  • to feel Competent

  • to feel I can express my Creativity

  • to feel Well-Organized

  • to feel like my Intuition is Valued

  • to feel Cared For

  • to Not feel bored and stuck

  • to feel like I Make a Difference/Contribute

  • to feel like the Chaos is workable

  • to feel like Adventure and Novelty are possible

  • to feel Trust-Worthy and Trusting

Polarities-at-Play: Preferences & Problems in Groups and Teams

“I would meet you here… in a green, airy space, not locked in.”   Denise Levertov

Interconnectedness     Autonomy

Structure     Spontaneity

Action     Understanding

Present Time     Future Time

Expertise     Emergence

Love (Care)     Truth (Precision)