Pisces New Moon today! The energies of this new moon give us greater access to subtle realms and increases our ability to see through surface confusion and into core confidence and fearlessness. Here is an example of how the process can work in a practical way:

With new moon energy as a ground, I choose to face an issue I have been avoiding at the interpersonal level with someone I care deeply about. Just the resolve to ‘face into’ the situation liberates incredible energy for me.

Drawing upon MatrixWorks principles, I remember that chaos and conflict often need a larger matrix than just the conflict pair, so I ask a second friend to hold space for me and my conflict partner. She agrees. More energy is released.

The next step is my internal preparation. Here are three questions I use to prime my inner pump and prepare for new possibilities:

1)   a) What awareness or personal value will help me drop my defensiveness and truly open to a genuine curiosity about our misunderstanding?
b) Answer: Remembering the basic goodness of myself and the ‘other’, and being willing to take 100% responsibility for myself, my actions and intentions, and to sincerely care about my impact on my friend.

2)   a) What resources can I draw upon to upgrade my ability to “listen well to feedback” about my blind spots?
b) Answer: I can practice something I recently learned about 3 levels of     Listening. These listening levels are: 1. radical receptivity; 2. total interest;     and 3. deeper currents and depth.

3)   a) What mindfulness or meditation practice can I engage in daily to create a field of positive potential for this meeting?
b) Answer: I choose a short, 15 minute practice using the Tara mantra and commit to doing this every day to strengthen my intention for a deeper relationship with my “friend-conflict-partner”.

Through this process I have greater trust in the restoration of right relationship and in the power of chaos and conflict to create the sweet spot of Freedom.

Share with us: How do you ‘surf the edge of chaos and find this sweet spot in your life’?