MW with the Continuum Movement and Dharma Meditation

My deeper dive into Continuum Movement and Dharma Meditation happened in retreat with Susan Harper and Lama Drimed in June, 2012. We made sounds, used our breath and slow micromovements to ignite the ‘Fluid Body’ within and cultivate new ways of understanding ourselves as a part of the compassionate ground of being.
Present in this retreat as a student, I followed the lead of the teachers. Nonetheless, at many junctures, I found myself thinking: What would happen if, at this point in the process, we did an exercise directed to harvest the fruit of the intersubjective field space between us? … What if we turned toward the Awake We of our collective and found the Fluid Body that was all of us? … Could we use this deep, personal inner space to help us Wake-Up together?
Left with these questions, I know I will do more in this arena and look forward to discovering more about the interface of Continuum, Meditation and the Group Field.
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