Mindfulness Pilot Project Underway!

On March 1st and 2nd, 2017 MatrixWorks initiated a six-month Mindfulness Pilot Project for a Fortune 500 Company in Germany. The purpose of the project is to support creative innovation in the company’s main innovation center. The Organization sponsoring the project is interested in improved product development, increased market share, but, also in enhanced employee satisfaction, engagement, and sense of personal development and fulfillment for each person.


The group of 24 senior-level scientist leaders began the training with some skepticism and caution but soon warmed up to their direct experience of more relaxation, less reactivity and greater ability to listen to each other.

One participant reported that by practicing the guided meditations, a recurring pain in her body (for which there was no medical cause according to her doctor) simply went away and she was able to sleep well for the first time in several weeks.

Another group member described an experience of greater capacity to focus his mind after the practices so he felt his productivity will improve.

Finally, the group itself formed in such a way that SAFETY, SATISFACTION and CONNECTION– the three fundamental needs of all human beings– were present at the individual and collective levels.  Eager to see where we will be in six months.

Mukara’s work with the team includes four more days of in person teaching and facilitation as well as 27 small-group on-line coaching sessions, held 1-2x’s per month.

Check the MatrixWorks website to see a file of the presented material.