MatrixMexico City Patterns Class


Twenty-one awake and alive folks gathered in Mexico City to explore new possibilities of Relationship from March 14th through the 19th. We laughed and cried, pushed and yielded, reached for what we longed for and held our own and each other’s basic goodness in our hearts and mind. One of our students was nine months pregnant and each day we got ‘baby’s report’ on how things were unfolding (and at the end of every day I sighed a sigh of relief that baby was still safe inside mom, and none of us had to shift roles into mid-wife of the moment).Several of the Mexico students are coming to Boulder in April to join the Enlightened Feminine Leadership class and it will be lovely to host them here. Such a priviledge to share MatrixWorks in other cultures: to know without doubt that the need for mutual connection is our deepest need, and that together we can awaken our true human potential. Love, Mu

I still don’t have the right words to describe what I´ve been feeling about this work. What I know is that MatrixWorks made so much sense for me, that moved me into what we created today: better educators, a better group and a better school. I also know I want more!
— Adriana Cury, Escola Santi, Brazil