Kundalini Yoga at the MW Temple

This Sunday, March 18th, in honor of the new moon and spring equinox, MatrixWorks will be hosting a Kundalini yoga class in the temple, taught by Deborah Fryer. It will be held from 3:30-5:30 at 403 Juniper Ave (NE corner of 4th and Juniper).

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or meditation cushion, and a shawl or something to cover up with for meditation. The kriyas will make you sweat, but you may want to cover up for the gong bath and meditations. Suggested donation is $18 (which symbolizes luck and life), but any and every offering is perfect. If you drive, please park on 4th Street.

Love and so much light! We love daylight savings time!

Share with us: Will you be in attendance?