Steve Pinker has a new book out that is of great interest to MatrixWorks. It is titled, Better Angels of Our Nature. The basic orientation is that the world will be better when women lead…

In The Better Angels of Our Nature, Pinker presents data showing that human violence, while still very much with us today, has been gradually declining. Moreover, he says, “over the long sweep of history, women have been and will be a pacifying force. Traditional war is a man’s game: tribal women never band together to raid neighboring villages.” As mothers, women have evolutionary incentives to maintain peaceful conditions in which to nurture their offspring and ensure that their genes survive into the next generation.

Definitely worth the read, and worth exploring in a practice field with other women leaders… How about a special Retreat at the MatrixHouse in Crestone, C.O. in the summer of 2012? Interested? Contact Mukara.Meredith@gmail.com.

Let’s link contemplative practice with social actions to make the world a more living and loving world.

Share with us: Would you want to attend this retreat and what would you have it incorporate?