Finishing strong is a high value for me personally. As I prepare to attend the final year of a five-year program with Khen Namdral Rinpoche, it is my greatest intention to complete in a strong way. What this means varies depending on the clarity (or lack of) of my mind and heart. Sometimes I perceive the teachings rooted deeply in my heart and mind; other times, I have a sense they are treasures received and stored to flower in another lifetime… No doubt, there is truth to both perceptions. As I reflect on the years spent in this container, I am grateful for the structure and Khen Rinpoche’s kindness and willingness to teach Western students. And, I weep for the lack of more interpersonal, interactive engagement around the teachings. Somehow, I still struggle with the form, while offering the deepest bow to the teachings.And, most of all, I pray for grace to hold the complexity of this struggle and bow: to be able to receive the nourishment while being an instrument for the tradition. To both ‘preserve and evolve’.Love,