Collective Space Engagement

Grateful to have the opportunity to help ten very bright people align with their future power and greater purpose in tomorrow’s collective space engagement. Working together, we will have the opportunity to become more transparent and unconceal and uncontract together. Wow! What new possibilities may emerge? Paying full attention is key. Thanks to K. M. for the mention of 4 powers. they may come in handy.

These powers are:

  1. Stability (staying power)

  2. Depth (clarity)

  3. Versatility

  4. Resilience

From this lens, group work becomes a dynamic dance between opposites and counter poles of smaller and larger truths. Everyone leading and all following a sense of the Larger. love, mu

Share with us: Where in your life are you aware of this ‘dynamic dance’ occurring and how do these 4 powers come into play?