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MatrixWorks Trainers

Mukara Meredith, MSW, Certified Hakomi Trainer
Founder & Senior MatrixWorks Trainer
Boulder, CO

Mukara Meredith, MSW, Certified Hakomi Trainer, Senior MatrixWorks Trainer

Mukara has 40 years experience in teaching, consulting, and working with the healing arts. A practicing Buddhist, she is a certified Hakomi Trainer and Therapist. Mukara integrates Living Systems principles into a new model of Leadership she developed called MatrixWorks™.

The MatrixWorks model of Leadership rests on the foundation of the experiential Hakomi Method and is used in conjunction with an understanding of Groups and Organizations as Living Systems. In our approach, we can experience the emergence of  ‘Group Genius’ that supports transformation of the individual and the group. The relationship of the individual and the group becomes collaborative rather than conflictual. Mutuality and cooperation become new norms that support well-being at work. “Work is Love made visible.” -K. Gibran  Read more about Mukara.

Russell Jones
Brazil and Japan

Russell Jones, Trainer

Russell has been studying and experimenting with mind-body coordination and human dynamics since adolescence. He has studied Shin Shin Toitsu Do, the art of mind and body coordination, and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido for over 35 years. He has been intensively studying trauma and its effects with Peter Levine for over 15 years.

Russell currently teaches Somatic Experiencing, Peter Levine’s therapeutic system for working with trauma, on four continents. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has been accepted into a graduate program. Russell has studied the MatrixWorks directly with Mukara since 2005 and applies the principles with all the groups he works with.

Together with Lael Keen, he operates a healing center on the island of Santa Catarina off the south coast of Brazil.

Russell and Lael combine their skills and efforts to bring the MatrixWorks to the Brazilian culture.

Lael Katharine Keen
Brazil and Japan

Lael Katharine Keen, Trainer

Lael has been fascinated all her life with how situations of conflict can transform into situations of harmony. This interest lead her to study the Japanese martial art of Ki-Aikido at an early age, and she has continued to study and teach Aikido all her adult life. She currently holds the rank of 5th degree black belt.

Her interest in group dynamics lead her and her husband Russell Jones, also a MatrixWorks Trainer, to bring Mukara Meredith to Brazil for the first Brazilian MatrixWorks training in 2006, and since then they have actively used MatrixWorks in all the groups that they work with. They began teaching MatrixWorks in 2011. Lael works with Rolfing® and Somatice Experiencing® (a therapy that works with post traumatic stress) and teaches these approaches all over the world. She also recently completed a five year training as an Art Therapist.

MatrixWorks Teachers

Kate Mazuy
Boulder, CO

Kate Mazuy, Teacher

Kate has been involved with MW for 7 yrs. She is an extraordinary teacher of the work and an excellent group facilitator. She teaches at Naropa and leads Wilderness Therapy trips. Kate has joined Mukara in doing organizational facilitation and is helping groups and teams transform and organizations become more healthy. [Kate’s website]

Kat Shea
Boulder, CO

Kat Shea, Teacher

Kat is an extraordinary dancer, healer and Group Facilitator. She has been involved with MatrixWorks for 8 years and knows how to keep a group alive with fun, insight and movement.

Anne Parker PhD
Boulder, CO

Anne Parker PhD, Teacher

Anne Parker is passionate about serving life and renewing our connection to and deep reverence for the Earth. She applies working with groups as living systems in her teaching, her organizational work, in her community and in connection with the “more than human world” of the living earth systems. She is a Professor of Environmental Studies at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado where she has taught in the BA in Environmental Studies and MA in Environmental Leadership programs since 1996 where working with MatrixWorks principles and practices has been a key element in training motivated and effective environmental leaders.

Anne sought a path to more harmonious human relationships with the earth in living with and learning from indigenous traditions in Australia and Asia, as well as studying and applying groups as living systems work. In the process she has come to see how central human relationships and views of the earth are in moving towards a more socially just, ecologically sustainable and spiritually awake future. She has a BA in Conservation of Natural Resources from UC Berkeley, an MA in Inner Asian Studies from Indiana University, and an MA and PhD in Geography from the University of Oregon. She has worked and done research on ethnobotany, land use, agriculture, community organizing and pilgrimage and sacred landscape in traditional cultures in central Australia, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and the Himalayan region.

She has studied and practiced for more than thirty five years in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, as well as for the last 9 years in European earth-based traditions. Her books include Stories from the Origin and Earth Alchemy. Additional information about Anne can be found at: Naropa University and Boulder Center for Master Builders.

Amy Alper
Boulder, CO

Amy Alper, Teacher

Amy has been involved with MatrixWorks for four years, participating and staffing in many programs. She has worked in various capacities for Clinica Family Health Services over the last 15 years, both as a Physician Assistant and Medical Director at the People’s Clinic. Her current position, Director Of Care Transitions, provides her with ample opportunities to apply the MatrixWorks principles to her daily work with patients and other clinical staff. Prior to her current position, she had the good fortune to deeply study and practice journalism, Classical Homeopathy, and Tibetan Buddhism — all of which supports her daily work. Amy lives in Boulder with her large blended family which includes 3 of her own children, a wonderful granddaughter and their dog.

Lisa Rome
Boulder, CO

Lisa Rome, Teacher

Lisa Rome is a loving, joyful, and inquisitive storyteller and seeker. She works as a writer, blogger, and editor for a popular health and wellness website. Her commitment to well-being led her down a path to combine her love of healing with her love of the environment, and she finds many synchronicities between planetary, personal, and systemic sustainability. As a remote writer, Lisa is interested in how our social and ecological environments shape our productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.

Lisa first experienced Groups as Living Systems in 2011 as a part of her Environmental Leadership Master’s program, where she first met facilitator Sarah Lila Oswald. Since then she has participated in several MatrixWorks classes, trainings, and applied the process in her own leadership work. She is currently working in collaboration with MatrixWorks as a part of her Master’s Applied Leadership Project, where she is working to find the synergy between Earth Stewardship Ethics and Action. [Explore Lisa’s Website]

Brenda Isherwood
Vancouver, Canada

Brenda Isherwood, Teacher

Brenda Isherwood is an exuberant, loving, joyful student of life, and an inquisitive, articulate seeker. Her impassioned work includes: teaching yoga, consulting to families in need of community-based rehabilitation therapy programs, and facilitating groups. She has developed her distinctive approach to embodied leadership and yoga instruction, through the profound work of MatrixWorks, which encourages healing and transformation through presence, embodiment and satisfying connection.

Brenda also holds a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Medicine (Occupational Therapy), has completed graduate studies in Somatic Psychotherapy, is a trained Hakomi Therapist, and seasoned birth doula. She weaves together her background in movement psychology and eastern studies and practices to offer her clients nourishing connection to self, from which to move more fully into the world. You can read more about Brenda at movement-matters.ca

Brenda’s heart is primarily captivated by her family, and community, and the majestic backdrop of her home in British Columbia’s Coastal Mountain Ranges. She is passionate about bringing the MatrixWorks mandala to Canada.

Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki
Boulder, CO

Hannah Tirrell-Wysocki, Educator

Hannah is a facilitator, organizer and nature-based life coach who seeks to transition human systems to thriving, just and healthy futures through fostering connection to self, community and the natural world. With a commitment to inviting multicultural perspectives, she strives to create spaces where all voices are heard and collective wisdom is allowed to emerge.

Hannah brings an environmental perspective to her work, seeing the multitude of eco-social crises we face as the outcome of an epidemic of disconnection. She holds a deep belief that the disconnection from our selves, our communities and the natural world is a wound that, once healed, can begin to transform the planet. Hannah’s fascination with facilitation and group dynamics began with her experience as an Outward Bound instructor where she fell in love with guiding the group process toward health. This fascination grew into her current work as a nature-based life coach and wilderness guide.

Hannah was introduced to Matrixworks through a class taught in the Environmental Leadership MA Program at Naropa University. She began integrating these skills into her role with Community Fruit Rescue (a local Boulder non-profit) by guiding board meetings using the Matrixworks approach. She now works with Matrixworks to support the day-to-day function of the organization as well as facilitating classes.

Sarah Lila Oswald
Boulder, CO

Sarah Lila Oswald, Teacher

Sarah fell in love with MatrixWorks in 2009 during her master’s program in Environmental Leadership at Naropa University. She has since participated in, assisted with and taught numerous MatrixWorks classes. She’s served as professor for MatrixWorks at Naropa University in the program she graduated from. Since 2011, she’s worked closely with MatrixWorks in a multitude of capacities.

Sarah has a strong passion for the power of groups (that developed early on in her theater upbringing), building resilient communities, the Earth, localization, jazz/the performing arts, and helping people discover and live into their full potential.  She’s primarily focused on helping couples grow more sustainable and satisfying partnerships. She officiates weddings and leads couples canoe retreats. She enjoys creative collaboration, with the goal of creating happier, healthier, more resilient organizations and communities with good intent. Read more about her HERE.

Personal Goals: Loving open-heartedly, speaking the truth, taking risks of the heart and finding a gentleness in relationship with all life. To play in the space between!

Nancy Paranka
Boulder, CO

Nancy Paranka, Teacher

Nancy is enthusiastically involved with MatrixWorks as both a staff member and participant. She has a long standing interest is in how groups function well (or not!). Although she works primarily as a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry, she is Hakomi-trained, and in addition to sorting out her client’s chemistry problems, she finds ways to help them resolve their personal, interpersonal and group difficulties. Nancy is particularly interested in the scientific study of consciousness and spirituality with a particular love for the placebo effect. She is a devotee of cycling and yoga and lives in Boulder with her husband and daughter.

Mari Adachi

Mari Adachi, Teacher

Mari has been fascinated by the wisdom of our bodies and been learning about the connection between body and mind. She completed Hakomi training in San Francisco, CA. She has been learning somatic approach to trauma, Somatic Experiencing®, and offers private practice in Fukuoka, Japan. She also has over 20 years clinical experience of working and teaching as a public health nurse.

She has been interested in working in group settings, and had studied Matrix leadership facilitator training with Amina Knowlman in Boulder, CO in 2008. She held the desire to bring this great idea and experience of Matrix group to Japan. With coincidental meeting Lael Keen and Russell Jones, she started introducing MatrixWorks to Japan with them in 2012, and brought Mukara Meredith and Lael Keen for the first Japanese MatrixWorks training in 2013. She has been combining all her learnings with all people and group settings that she is involved with.

Karta Elise Hassler
Boulder, CO

Karta Elise Hassler
Boulder, CO

Karta Elise is an intuitive, playful and disciplined facilitator of the transformative path for both individuals and groups. She has a background in the performing, visual and written arts, developed alongside a deep-seated sense of respect and mutuality with the natural world, and nearly two decades of dedicated meditation and kriya yoga practice.

Her fierce sense of service to the evolution of human consciousness led her to a masters program at Naropa University in Environmental Leadership, where she experienced vertical learning at the intersection of contemplative practice, sustainability, systems thinking, and servant leadership–all of which alchemized through the MatrixWorks ‘laboratory’ in cahoots with her cohort.

Her sense of purpose on this planet is rooted in the belief that the co-creation of a happier, healthier world that works for all our relations begins with developing more compassionate, authentic and direct relationships with ourselves, others (both animate and ‘inanimate’), and especially within our organizations.

Susan Burks
Boulder, CO

Susan Burks, Teacher

Susan Burks is the owner and President of Burks Consulting, specializing in art and communications since 1992. She is known for developing innovative projects that utilize art, new media and organizational development tools to inspire and motivate creativity and to nurture transformative corporate cultures. Susan has taken a leadership role in the development of MatrixWorks coaching program and is discovering the efficacy of applying MatrixWorks principles in one on one interactions.

Long-term projects for a wide variety of industries and Fortune 100 companies includes: AT&T Corp., AT&T Labs, Disney Corp., Silicon Graphics, Gap Inc., The Carneros Inn, Sun Microsystems and Wescom Credit Union. In each case clients capitalize on Susan’s ability to translate between artists, creative professionals, scientists, engineers and business executives toward shared and successful outcomes.

Susan regularly participates in conferences and symposiums that gather thought leaders from the arts, science and business world as part of her lifelong study of the nature of individual and collective transformation. In addition she has traveled throughout the world for over 25 years often living for extended periods of time on 6 continents and in over 30 countries. Perhaps more than any other activity this global immersion has been significant in nurturing a lifelong curiosity about the interconnected nature of all things.

Rosseana Wong

Rosseana Wong, Teacher

Ms Rosseana Wong has more than 30 years’ experience in Organization Development and Human Resources Management in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia. Ms Wong holds a Master of Business Administration from Griffith University, Australia. She is a Hakomi therapy graduate and certified teacher of MatrixWorks. She is certified in MBTI, DISC, Firo-B and Emergenetics psychometric profiling.

Rosseana Wong is currently the Head of Chairman’s Office in IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group, a fourth generation family own business based in Asia with interests in Industry, Investment, Lifestyle and Real Estate and Learning. In addition to championing the Group’s organization transformation and leadership development, Rosseana also heads AITIA Institute, Singapore, a learning institute of the Group.


Corpo Docente No Brasil (Brazil Faculty)

Lael Katharine Keen
Brazil and Japan

Lael Katharine Keen, Trainer

Lael foi fascinado por toda a vida com a forma como as situações de conflito podem se transformar em situações de harmonia. Este interesse levá-la a estudar a arte marcial japonesa de Ki-Aikido em uma idade adiantada, e ela continuou a estudar e ensinar Aikido toda a sua vida adulta. Ela atualmente ocupa o posto de quinto grau cinto preto. Seu interesse em dinâmica de grupo levar ela e seu marido Russell Jones, que também é instrutor Matrixworks, para trazer Mukara Meredith ao Brasil para o primeiro treinamento Matrixworks brasileiro em 2006, e desde então eles usaram ativamente Matrixworks em todos os grupos que trabalham com. Eles começaram a ensinar Matrixworks em 2011. Lael trabalha com Rolfing ® e Somatice Experimentando ® (uma terapia que trabalha com estresse pós-traumático) e ensina essas abordagens em todo o mundo. Ela também concluiu recentemente um treinamento de cinco anos como um terapeuta de arte.

Russell Jones
Brazil and Japan

Russell Jones, Trainer

Russell vem estudando e experimentando com a coordenação mente-corpo e dinâmica humana desde a adolescência. Ele estudou Shin Shin Toitsu Do, a arte da mente e coordenação do corpo, e Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido há mais de 35 anos. Ele tem sido intensamente estudar trauma e seus efeitos com Peter Levine há mais de 15 anos. Russell atualmente leciona Experiência Somática, sistema terapêutico de Peter Levine para trabalhar com trauma, em quatro continentes. Ele tem um diploma de bacharel em psicologia e foi aceito em um programa de pós-graduação. Russell estudou os Matrixworks diretamente com Mukara desde 2005 e aplica os princípios com todos os grupos com que trabalha. Juntamente com Lael Keen ele opera um centro de cura na ilha de Santa Catarina na costa sul do Brasil. Russell e Lael combinar suas habilidades e esforços para trazer os Matrixworks para a cultura brasileira.

Alessander Luigi Palma

Alessander Luigi Palma, Teacher

Alessander é terapeuta holístico no Brasil e dedicou os últimos 15 anos de sua vida ao ensino e atendimentos individuais de muitas modalidades de cura alternativa, incluindo meditação, AURA-SOMA, Jin Shin Jyutsu e florais. Em 2010, através do trabalho de Rosicler Vargas, tomou conhecimento do Matrixworks e fez seu primeiro com a Mukara em Boulder, em julho de 2011. O Acelerador da Genialidade em Grupos revolucionou sua abordagem em grupos e atendimentos, criando ambientes mais seguros e saudáveis para os alunos e clientes. Em 2012, Alessander começou a organizar cursos para Mukara através de sua empresa Light Flow, auxiliando o desenvolvimento deste trabalho em São Paulo, a maior cidade do Brasil. Matrixworks apóia o desenvolvimento de todas as atividades da Light Flow, especialmente o Escritório Brasileiro de Jin Shin Jyutsu. Alessander é também um dos tradutores dos cursos de Matrixworks e treinamentos empresariais no Brasil.

Cler Barbiero de Vargas,

Cler Barbiero de Vargas, Teacher

Cler é conhecida por seu trabalho como co-criadora do revolucionário Sistema de Cura Florais da Deusa (www.floraisdadeusa.com.br). É Terapeuta, Conselheira de Estratégias, Facilitadora do Círculo da Espiritualidade Feminina e de outros grupos de auto-desenvolvimento. Conheceu o Matrixworks na primeira visita de Mukara Meredith ao Brasil e de lá para cá, esteve em todos os cursos ministrados por ela no país. Professora visionária e inspirada, não está ligada a nenhum movimento, religião ou filosofia. Sua visão abarca várias áreas da cura e evolução humana de forma holística, coerente e extremamente prática. Todas as modalidades oferecidas por ela têm como base os princípios do Matrixworks, integrados profundamente em todas as suas atividades profissionais e também em seus relacionamentos pessoais. Para leitores em língua portuguesa, saiba mais sobre ela aqui: www.clerbarbiero.blog.br

Mariana Raymundo

Mariana Raymundo,Teacher

Quando conheceu Mukara na Imersão MatrixWorks de 2008, Mariana soube que algo realmente transformador estava prestes acontecer. Foi amor a primeira vista! Desde lá, ela tem acompanhado Mukara e seu trabalho de perto como aluna, assistente e especialmente como líder e participante dos diferentes grupos dos quais faz parte.

O modelo do MatrixWorks enriqueceu profundamente o trabalho de Mariana com indivíduos, casais e familias como psicoterapeuta sistêmica e Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Mariana vive em Porto Alegre, no sul do Brasil e coordena um centro de Psicoterapia e Experiência Somática – o Solar do Caminho. Um de seus maiores desejo é ser parte do movimento ativo de levar o MatrixWorks a todos aqueles que possam se beneficiar com o trabalho.

Carmem Lemos

Carmem Lemos,Teacher

Carmem é psicoterapeuta em sua clínica particular. Faz atendimentos individuais e em grupo, desenvolve grupos de estudos e de supervisão e coordena projetos sociais ao lado de líderes comunitários. Trabalha com grupos de mulheres e homens, focalizando a perspectiva do autodesenvolvi-mento como missão humana para o exercício de papéis pessoais, sociais e profissionais frente ao processo evolutivo.
Seu trabalho baseia-se na Psicologia Formativa de Stanley Keleman, Análise Bodynamic de Lisbeth Marcher e Somatic Experiencing de Peter Levine. Ela é docente no Centro de Psicologia Formativa do Brasil e diretora de Projetos Sociais na Associação Brasileira de Trauma do Brasil. Graudou-se em Psicologia e Educação e é pós-graduada em Tecnologia Educacional, Recursos Humanos e Dinâmica Interpessoal Grupo, além de Mestre em Letras – Linguística. Vem estudando e aplicando o modelo MatrixWorks em seus projetos, desde 2008, considerando que os fundamentos utilizados por Mukara Meredith inovaram o seu conhecimento sobre os processos grupais.

Trabalhou na Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, com professores e administradores e no Hospital Universitário Pedro Ernesto, com médicos, enfermeiros, nutricionistas e assistentes sociais e em outras corporações com engenheiros e técnicos.

Em seus vinte e cinco anos de experiência profissional ela sempre foi professora, treinadora e líder e seus temas favoritos relacionam-se com transições da vida pessoal e profissional, gerenciamento do stress e prevenção e tratamento do estresse pós-traumático e suas síndromes.

We’re happy to announce a whole new group of MatrixWorks Educators in Brazil!:

Carlos Eduardo Melo Oliveira
Anamaria Aziz Creton
Julia Maria Oliveira de Andrade
Bendita Maria Gomes Esteves de Carvalho
Elizabeth Cassano Cruz
Elaine Schleiniger Barcellos
Esther Shorr Raphael
Gislaine Fois Coelho Abramof
Salvador Berga Coris
Yeda Bocaletto
Alexandra Franco Meneghetti
Izabela de Oliveira e Candido
Carmem Sylvia Dias Lemos
Adriana Tajtelbaum
Eudes Dos Santos Martins
Flavia Guaracy Ribeiro
Lucience Deccache Moreira
Maria Virginia Vianna Mattos

MatrixWorks Inactive Faculty

The following people have studied MatrixWorks extensively, but are not actively teaching. We consider them an important part of our MatrixWorks Mandala.

Anna Chitty, RCST, RPP
Inactive Trainer
Boulder, CO

Anna Chitty, RCST, RPP, Inactive Trainer

Anna has a wide and diverse training in the body-centered psycho-therapy systems, including Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing, Character Structure Work and Pia Mellody’s Family Systems Therapy. She has been an extraordinary and distinguished teacher of Polarity and Craniosacral Therapy since 1979.

Anna brings her high sense of perception, clear ability to read the field, and wide, loving heart to help us integrate the experience of being human. She will be weaving her expertise in the field of embodiment – how spirit embodies and enlivens form – into a deeper understanding of the group as a Living System. [Explore Anna’s Website]

Mia Bolte
Inactive Teacher
Minneapolis, MN

Mia Bolte, Inactive Teacher

Mia Bolte has a Buddhist Inspired Therapy Practice. She has been around MW since the beginning and is an avid supporter and teacher of the work. [Explore Mia’s Website]

Doug Radandt
Inactive Teacher
Boulder, CO

Doug Radandt, Inactive Teacher

Doug Radandt has been fascinated with how groups function for more time than he would like to admit. MatrixWorks has been the foundation of his approach to groups and organizational health for almost a decade. When he is not facilitating groups, he holds a private practice in Boulder Colorado that emphasizes relationship with people and the natural world and teaches in the Graduate School of Psychology at Naropa University.

Doug McLean
Inactive Teacher
Boulder, CO

Doug McLean, Inactive Teacher

Doug has studied groups and communities for more than twenty years and has assisted the MatrixWorks trainings for the past six years. He holds degrees in Math and Transpersonal Psychology, and currently owns a software company. Drawing on both theoretical understanding and meditative awareness, he brings attunement, clarity, open-heartedness, directness, and humor to his work with groups.

Doug has been on sabbatical from MatrixWorks as he recovers from a serious automobile accident. His commitment to his own health is an inspiration to all who know him.

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