MatrixWorks is an innovative, somatic, and mindfulness-based consulting firm that supports groups, teams and organizations to learn to function as “Living Systems”. A living system is a larger body that self-organizes in harmony with their environment, so that they gain access to their adaptive capacity for collaboration, creativity and collective intelligence. Said another way, MatrixWorks explores how we can ‘grow’ and cultivate groups that become the womb that grows the new individual who cares for the Whole. In this process, individual members of the group become more, not less, of who they authentically are as they move honestly into a real relationship with themselves and each other. Drawing from Buddhist principles of interconnectedness and relationship, MatrixWorks speaks to our deep longing for mutual connection and for access in our everyday lives to the Immeasurable qualities of love, joy, compassion and deep peace.

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Group Facilitation and Leadership

MatrixWorks has been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge neuroscience and an understanding of brain-functioning to leaders, managers and their teams. This work teaches all members of a group to access collective intelligence and practice the skills of collaboration and connectivity.

This method, created by Mukara Meredith, is applied in:

  • Organizational Transformation
  • Leadership Training
  • Consulting Work


MatrixWorks is based solidly on cutting edge Neuroscience with its understanding of our brain as a social organ and the knowledge that human beings are designed for, i.e., hard-wired for connection. This unique form of group interaction is based on the understanding that a group is a living system, as influenced by Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics. MatrixWorks is a revolutionary process that utilizes principles of new science, spirituality and contemporary psychology to understand and support the growth and development of healthy, functioning groups.


We explore the dynamics of a group as it moves from aloneness and competition to a supportive environment of connection and collaboration. Perhaps most important of all: MatrixWorks is a practice field wherein we can heal wounds to our beingness, belonging and relatedness. From this place of healing, our lives become a gift that we naturally want to offer to our community. Through this process, individuals and community find fulfillment with each other as an expression of the true value of being human in relationship.


MatrixWorks serves to help groups, teams, and whole organizations live a life of deep relatedness and contentment. We collectively create cultures of care, compassion and creativity that ignite new possibilities for connection, innovation and radical collaboration. Most of all, we are enhancing the human experience by unleashing the genius that already exists in your groups.

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