Tools for Completing a Group Process

Protocol for Closing a Group in the Matrixworks way Designed for the HakomiMatrix Training in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1) By establishing your time frame at the beginning of your group, you will support the safety and integrity of your Container. Arrive early and set the environment for members to arrive. Once members are in […]

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The Greatness of Hakomi applied to Groups and Organizations is called Matrixworks  We all want to relieve suffering.  Whether for ourselves, our relationships and groups, or the planet, the one thing that unites our work in the world aims at the relief of unnecessary suffering.  Some attempt this by accomplishments, some through spiritual work, and some through […]

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Who is She, this ENLIGHTENED FEMININE LEADER? She is one who… Has the strength to ask for help Sees herself and others, not as machines, but as Living Organisms (Living Systems) Can improvise brilliantly: takes risks and enjoys ‘working live’ with situations. Creates cultures of connection, compassion, and care. Uses intuition and empathy to make […]

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